About India’s Best Teleradiology Company

Radever teleradiology was founded in 2010 by a radiologist Dr. Ashutosh pawale and Dr.Jayashree Patil . It provides teleradiology services (i.e. CT, MRI, X-ray) to over 30 hospitals and imaging centers in 5 Indian states including Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, West Bengal, Uttarakhand .

Radever has reported scans for over 400 000 patients thus far. It is one of the most leading teleradiology companies in India with Indian client base.

Radever Teleradiology is a leading teleradiology company in India. We offer an affordable and wide range of high-quality teleradiology services to our clients in India. Call us now at +91 9844814864 or visit our website for more information.

We are a teleradiology service provider company based at Bangalore. We as a team are committed to provide detailed reports at really affordable price for MRI, CT, and conventional radiology (X-ray) with essential turnaround time. We have vast experience as a rural and urban Teleradiology healthcare provider.

Dr.Ashutosh Pawale is active at every level of Radever Teleradiology, assuring that quality patient care is paramount. He has over a decade of experience in the field of Teleradiology and has specialized as a nighthawk and emergency radiologist since 2005.

Our reports focus on acute care decisions allowing more optimal patient care at various (more than 25) hospitals and imaging centers currently spanning Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerla, Uttarakhand.However, the value we bring to your hospital or diagnostic centers is much more.

Radever also partners with your hospital to capture exams that referring physicians are sending elsewhere through our regular phone calls to your clinicians (unique instant SMS service for your referring clinicians)

Radever understands the needs and limitations of a small diagnostic setup. Our goal is to ensure that rural and community hospitals are able to provide the same high standard of radiology care as is available in big/urban hospitals.

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