Radever by the Numbers

"Radever by the Numbers" is display of our company's average turnaround times and average discrepancies reported.



Turnaround Time



Stroke Protocol TAT






Toatal Scans Reported


98.60% Accuracy

Report Accuracy

Who we serve

Radever Teleradiology provides teleradiology services to a variety of Hospitals and Imaging Centers across India. Radever Teleradiology is a provider of Teleradiology services with a complete staff of Diagnostic Radiologists (including fellowship subspecialty training in MSK, Neuro, Body Imaging), teleradiology professionals all based and practicing in India.

Radiologist ownership and leadership, at all levels within the company, ensure the concerns of clients are addressed… with patient care being the number one priority!

  • Emergency Departments & Trauma Centers
  • Rural, Community-Based & Acute Care Hospitals
  • Neurology Hospitals
  • Orthopedic Practices and Orthopedic Surgery Centers
  • Cancer Hospitals
  • CT Scan & MRI Imaging Centers
  • Virtual Locums
  • Subspeciality Reads
  • Second Opinions

Why Radever

Radiologist owned and managed (radiologist leadership ensures every concern is addressed with patient care at the centre)
Quick and easy web-based RIS/PAC system (submitting, viewing and receiving reports with 24-hour support)
Transparent Turn-around-times (consistently averaging < 40 minutes and, 20 minutes for stroke protocols.)
Accuracy rates over 99%
Direct access to Radiologists for each case with personalized service.
Redundant Staffing (24*7*365 availability)
Sub-Specialty reads with MRI, CT
Preliminary & Final Reports
Stroke Protocol Adherence
24 X 7 emergency services are provided with Text SMS and relevant image of the critical findings to the clinician on his mobile phone.
Instant SMS of the diagnosis is sent to the referring clinicians on mobile phone. This helps clinicians to know the diagnosis before patient reaches his clinic and also maintains a track record that can be accessed through SMS search.