Radever by the Numbers

"Radever by the Numbers" is display of our company's average turnaround times and average discrepancies reported.



Turnaround Time



Stroke Protocol TAT






Toatal Scans Reported


98.60% Accuracy

Report Accuracy

Radiologist owned and operated

Information, communication and teamwork are most essential parts of patient care And can only delivered by radiologist owned and operaterd telaradiology providers.

Diagram of concepts of teamwork, collaboration and collegiality - Blue represents clinical team and Red represents Radiology team.
A. Teamwork represents effective interaction between members of same teams.
B. Collaboration represents effective interactions between members of different teams.
C. Collegiality represents effective interactions between individuals in same role on same or similar teams.

The Radever Advantage


Most teleradiology firms are radiology groups that have entered the nighthawk and dayhawk realm as a secondary interest or were teleradiology firms that are also staffing hospitals on-site. Radever Radiology was formed with only one interest – to facilitate our customers with teleradiology. We have not made competing with our customers for hospital contracts part of our business model. We are not interested in staffing hospitals or imaging centers with radiologists on-site.


We provide voluntary reports of QA, Turnaround Time, customer satisfaction survey and other measured results.


Radever is radiologist owned and operated. We develop a personal relationship with your referrers and staff. Every customer gets the personal attention they deserve.


As one of our clients you will have direct access to your partner radiologists who will be available to provide consulting or assist with exam protocols when you need it.


No set up costs are involved for our services and there are no nightly minimums. At Radever we keep our overhead low so we can pass our savings on to you, our customer.


Continuous monitoring of all systems and workflow, tracking of all critical findings and communications, and collection of quality, turnaround, and customer satisfaction data means we can continuously improve and intervene before service issues arise.


Work with radiologist leadership directly to tailor a customized solution for your facility.


Radever radiologists are dedicated to quality.


We ensure your patients and your customers are provided the highest quality service and accurate reporting.


Our IT support team is available to you 24/7. Our systems are monitored continuously and maintained around the clock so that problems are addressed before they can result in a service delay.

Our sole focus remains, as it did on day one, Personalized Teleradiology Services.

Why Radever Will Make Difference

Radiologist owned and managed (radiologist leadership ensures every concern is addressed with patient care at the centre)
Quick and easy web-based RIS/PAC system (submitting, viewing and receiving reports with 24-hour support)
Transparent Turn-around-times (consistently averaging < 40 minutes and, 20 minutes for stroke protocols.)
Accuracy rates over 99%
Direct access to Radiologists for each case with personalized service.
Redundant Staffing (24*7*365 availability)
Sub-Specialty reads with MRI, CT, and US
Preliminary & Final Reports
Stroke Protocol Adherence
24 X 7 emergency services are provided with Text SMS and relevant image of the critical findings to the clinician on his mobile phone.
Instant SMS of the diagnosis is sent to the referring clinicians on mobile phone. This helps clinicians to know the diagnosis before patient reaches his clinic and also maintains a track record that can be accessed through SMS search.